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RCT MegaPower  1kVA/1000W Inverter Trolley with 1 x 100Ah Lead Acid Battery

Pure Sinewave for Sensitive Electronics & Motorised Loads

Microprocessor Control Optimizes Reliability

Input Power Factor Correction

Output Power Factor 1.0

Comprehensive Display Allows Easy Monitoring & Access of UPS Status

Built-in MPPT Solar Charger

2 x USB 5 V DC Output and 2 x 12 V DC Output

Battery cut off switch for safety

Pre-Installed Batteries


Rated Power: 1000 W.

Output Voltage: 220 VAC.

Output Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz.

Output Waveform: Pure Sine Wave.

Solar Input

Maximum Photovoltaic Voltage (VDC): = 25 V

Charge Voltage (VDC): 10 V – 25 V

Rated Charge Current (A): 30 A

Maximum Power (Wp): 360 Wp

Voltage Overcharge Protection (VDC): 14.2 V

Voltage Overcharge Recovery (VDC): 14.0 V

Voltage Of Floating Charge (VDC): 13.7 V

DC Output

Voltage Of High-Voltage Protection (VDC): 16 V

Voltage Of High-Voltage Recovery (VDC): 15.2 V

Voltage Of Low-Voltage Recovery (VDC): 12.6 V

Voltage Of Low-Voltage Protection (VDC): 11 V

5 V DC USB Output Port: 2 Units / MAX 2 A

12 VDC Output Port: 2 DC Ports (Max 2 A)

Starting Temperature Of The Exhaust Fan: > 45ºC

Ambient Temperature For Operation: 0 – 40ºC

Ambient Temperature For Storage: -25 – +55ºC

Operation / Storage Conditions: 0-90% (No Condensation)


Charge By A Mains Supply Rated Voltage: 220 VAC

Charge Current: 10 A (Max.)

Product Dimensions: 423 mm x 260 mm x 453 mm


Rated Voltage: 12V.

Capacity (10hr,1.80V/Cell): 100Ah.

Weight: 31.5Kg.

Max Discharge Current: 30I10A(3min).

Max Charge Current: =0.25A C10.

Self- Discharge (25?): =3%/month.

Recommended Using Temperature: 15°C-25°C.

Cover Material: ABS.

Dimensions: 407mm x 174mm x 209mm.







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